Friday, August 14, 2009

Gorgeous Howell Mountain, AVA, Produce Wines of Distinction

Tucked away in the Vaca Mountain Range above St. Helena lies one of the most famous AVA's of Napa Valley, beautiful Howell Mountain. This AVA begins at the hillside at 1400 and extends up to 2200 feet, allowing for vines to grow deep and strong in iron rich red volcanic soils. Due to ten degrees cooler day time growing temperatures, the berries are small, bold, intense, and develop thicker flavorful skins. The wonder of this special microclimate is that the berries develop slowly drawing in the minerals from the soil, fighting for water, forming deep roots, and working to absorb the sunlight. As ripening slows in the Napa Valley because of the thick layered river of fog covering the valley floor, Howell Mountain continues to prospers, building tremendous richness. Some of the most amazing flavor profiles show in these dark, rich, robust, blackberry infused, mocha and chocolate spice, and earthy wines. Recognized as one of the first AVA's, Howell Mountain continues to produce wines of distinction rivaling vineyards of Bordeaux, based on complexity, robustness, depth of flavor and style, character, and pure elegance. Next time your in Napa Valley follow the Silverado Trail North toward St. Helena, take a right on Deer Park Rd just before the town, and follow the road into the hills toward the majestic Howell Mountain, AVA. Top-Flight Wine (TFW)-G.A.

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  1. So this was the first AVA ever??? I would have never thought the conditions would be so different than Napa.


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